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Hi-Point is one of the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of excellent quality consumables for ferrous and non ferrous foundries.

Products for Ferrous foundries.

Ferrous Fluxes

Our fluxes engineered to provide uniform distribution on the molten metal surface, excellent melting properties, uniform heat transfer, good inclusion absorption & superior lubrication properties.
These are our fluxes:
1. Antipiping compound,(Powder & Granuals).
2. Exothermic compound.
3. Teeming compound.
4. Sealing compound.

Ferrous Washes
Hi-Point Metallurgical Industries is manufacturer of these kind of washes.
3.Aluminium Silicate
.....Coating for moulds and core playes an improtant role in casting with excellent flow characteristics,low foaming and good suspension stability provide smooth surface finish to the casting.
.....Water and solvent base coating.
.....Available with fillers of zircon, graphite,aluminum silicate, magnesite and mixed refractory.
.....Available special class of water base coating for automotive industries.
.....Available in paste,powder and ready to use form.
.....Roles of application-brushing,swabbing, dipping and flooding

Products for Non Ferrous foundries.

Non Ferrous Fluxes

A wide range of non ferrous fluxes as Covering, drossing, melting, cleaning, modifying, degassing and refining with define ratio of imported raw materials.
These fluxes are formulated for preventing formation and removal of oxides and other inclusion. It prevents molten aluminum from turning in to dross.
1.Melting Flux
2.Covering /Drossing Flux
3.Wall Cleaning Flux
4.Modifying Flux

Non Ferrous Degasser


Degasser for aluminium also avaliable in compressed in standard from or as per customers requirement,which release the entrapped hydrogen gas from any quantity of melt. Abailable in 50gms, 100gms & 500gms tablet form.


Refiner in compressed tablet from with a define radio of Titanium & boron(5:1) in salt form abailable in 50gms, 100gms& 500gms.

Non Ferrous Diecote

Water Base Diecote

Water base diecote in silicon & polymer base available specially for high pressure die casting and low pressure die casting with higher dilution ratio.

Mineral Oil Base Diecote

Mineral oil base diecote available for LPDC with improved technology to give spotless casting as high viscous oils are blended with mineral oil,which acts as a best releasing agents.

A high quality of releasing agent also available in aluminium paste form which gives a surfacefinish casting.

High Viscosity Oil Base:

Plunger diecote, available in micronized graphite blend in high visous oil form as well as new range in non graphite form

Non Ferrous - Aluminum Master Alloy

Aluminum Master Alloy .
Aluminium Master Alloy dissolves rapidly,with alloying elements quickly going into solution at relatively low melt temperatures,resulting in
..Reduced dross formulation
..Minimum gas Pick-Up
..Low Energy Consumption
..Improved yield
..Extended furnance refractory life

Available master alloys are
1. Boron master alloys
2. Titanium master alloys
3. Boron and titanium master alloys
4. Strontium master alloys

These master alloys are available in tablets forms.